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Fees & Affordability

Working Out Affordability

When working out finances it may be worth taking into account the following ....


Clients attending weekly sessions do not pay for more than 40 weeks per year.  


Clients attending every other week sessions do not pay for more than 20 weeks per year.

This is because:


Many therapists do not offer every-other-week sessions.  


I take between 7 and 12 week per year break from direct client work.  This includes a month off during the summer (usually August) and 2-3 weeks in the winter (usually Dec/Jan). I also occasionally cancel due to unforeseen or planned events such as, training events, other work and family commitments.  


Clients can usually cancel without paying for a session as long as a full week's notice of cancellation is given.


Fees are on a sliding scale.  Clients decide their own fee within the scale, without the need for explanation. 


For face to face and zoom sessions: £80 -£120


For walk and talk sessions: £90-£120


*My affordable / reduced fee/ free slots are all currently full.

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